Friends of Potat

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  • Occupation: Model
  • Age: Middle aged
  • Bio: Serena was born in the US. She is very stylish and a model. She emigrated to Finland with her human and became Pottu's first cat friend in Pottu's forever home. Their journey together was short, however, as Serena needed to move forward in life and her modelling career.


Kinuski or Kinkku came from the same population as Pottu but was a few years older, possibly born in 2014. She moved in with us in summer 2018 after Serena and her human moved out. At 3,5 kg, Kinkku was slightly bigger than Pottu, but still very small. She had disproportionately short legs and tail, making her look like a sausage. She was black with white socks, a tiny white lower lip and a white bib, always ready to snack.

Kinkku was very shy at first, but with time and treats she became very sociable. She loved scratches and food. She did not care for playing or any kind of excercise. Pottu liked to rest her head on Kinkkus butt for relaxation after a busy day. They were very close.

Sadly, Kinkku passed away in may 2022 due to an inoperable tumor in her tongue. We miss u every day 💔