Daily life of Pottu

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Human dared go to work instead of entertaining el Pottu! When they came home, they vacuume cleaned and had a guest over???? The nerve.



Took a big nap today. Had to rest the rest of the day



Human bought me new toys from toy place. I did not play with any of them. Only acceptable toy is piece of red string



sorry for no update yeasterday human took a stupid long bike ride so i finally got some me time to take a nap. today they thought i had stinky breath and looked at my gums. they looked fine. rude!!!


it is beautiful weather 30ºC outside but human has kept balcony door closed all day???? i question their decision making process


human has accused me of having stinky breath and attempted to brush my teeth. this is bullshit


sorry for no update again there has been UNBELIEVABLE drama. human tried to brush my teeth (rude) and it stressed me out so much i peed almost no pee at all for a few day. now i have forgotten but not forgiven but i am, once again, peeing. human is drawing stupid pictures of me trying to chomp my favorite toy (rude)