Origin story

Not much is known about the origin of Pottu. A vet has estimated that she could have been born in 2016. She was rescued by members of the cat rescue organisation Dewi ry in 2017 along with other cats from the same population and brought to a foster home. In the foster home, Pottu spent her first weeks hiding inside the cooker hood. After the initial shock of moving, she became quite sociable with the other cats. She showed interest in humans, but was still quite reserved around them.

In january 2018, Pottu moved to her forever home with her human. The first few days she spent hiding in the closet, but with time and the emotional support from her human's roommate's cat, Pottu started to relax.

In summer 2018, Pottus human's roommate and her cat moved away. This is when Kinkku came in to our lives. You can read more about Kinkku here.